||||| h o m e ||||| p e a c e p o t ||||| t h e s t o r y ||||| B U Y ||||| n e w s |||||
Size and Price
PeacePot Small White
height: 25 cm, diameter 15 cm
material: white ceramic
price (tax included): € 69,95

PeacePot Small Terra
height: 22,5 cm, diameter 15 cm
material: terra ceramic
price (tax included): € 69,95

oil and wick
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Production Process Because of the porosity of the material combined with the use of oil, PeacePots have to be glazed both inside and outside, to prevent them from stains and from oil entering the ceramic. Due to the manual production proces, minor irregularities of the product are inevitable.

At this moment only the small versions of PeacePot white and terra are produced.